2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800

In the vast landscape of four-wheelers, few carve a unique identity and captivate enthusiasts. The 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800 Review introduces a machine that accomplishes this and redefines the boundaries of adventure and functionality. Crafted meticulously for work and recreation, this vehicle promises to bridge everyday tasks and unparalleled thrills.

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Standing Out in a Four-Wheeler World

Standing Out in a Four-Wheeler World
We are exploring the unique attributes of the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800 that distinguish it from the crowded four-wheeler market.

In an environment where many four-wheelers bear strikingly to one another, a unique breed that promises unparalleled adventures emerges. This distinction belongs to the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800. Crafted for tasks and leisure, this utility vehicle ushers enthusiasts into a new frontier of exhilaration and prospects.

First Impressions and the Shift to Four Wheels

He initially hesitated, transitioning from the familiarity of two wheels to the novelty of four, swapping a set of handlebars for a conventional steering wheel. However, a mere few moments were all it took for him to recognize and relish the thrill this machine serves. Tailored as a sports-centric utility vehicle, the Ranger XP 800 does not only perform the standard functions of towing, pulling, and traversing challenging terrains like its counterparts, but it also ensures the ride remains enjoyable and cozy.

Parallel to the dynamics of a 4×4 pickup, the Ranger XP 800 effortlessly transforms arduous tasks, be it at the farmhouse or lakeside retreat, into mere child’s play. Essentially, it injects a dose of fun into any job, irrespective of the load or the terrain.

A Glimpse into Its Design and Features

A Glimpse into Its Design and Features
An overview of the distinctive Polaris aesthetics, paired with functional features ensuring both safety and a memorable off-road experience.

True to its lineage, it embodies the signature Polaris aesthetics. The robust tubular roll bars promise security and infuse a sporty persona reminiscent of the RZR. Its rear dump box, apt for a pallet size, rugged bumpers, commendable ground clearance, and imposing stature collectively reflect its capability to tackle strenuous tasks and off-road escapades.

While its cabin exudes a minimalist elegance, it hides no secrets. It is equipped with essentials: an all-inclusive dashboard, keyed start, transmission lever, manual brake, storage compartment, beverage holders, a 12V socket, controls for illumination, and an on-demand AWD with a lockable differential. And the myriad of add-ons available in the Polaris range must be noticed.

Engine Evolution

Powering the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800 is an engine boasting 50 hp, a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder, borrowed and adapted from Polaris’s renowned Sportsman ATV series. Innovations in camshaft designs and engine blueprints have been executed to amplify power and torque.

Consequently, this side-by-side marvel impresses with its acceleration across the rev range. Its favorable weight, tipping the scales at 1,239 lbs (562 kg), in tandem with an adept CVT, certainly amplifies its prowess.

Trail Performance and Adaptability

Trail Performance and Adaptability
We examine the vehicle’s suspension and adaptability, highlighting its ability to combine sportiness with comfort during trail adventures.

Venturing through the trails, the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800 Review showcases a surprising blend of sportiness and compliance. This is primarily attributed to its suspension framework, which cushions major jolts while ensuring occupants remain comfortable and unbothered.

Steering Dynamics

In steering, it exhibits swift responsiveness, further complemented by a compact turning circumference, an essential feature for such crossover utility vehicles. At lower velocities, the steering demands minimal exertion, but as speed escalates, it becomes taut, ensuring stability and confident maneuverability. However, one must recognize its inclination towards pronounced understeer, particularly in uneven turns. Such behavior might stem from a weight distribution leaning towards the rear.

Limitations and Comparisons

While expectations must be managed, it isn’t designed to rival pure sport side-by-sides in terrains like sand pits or enduro tracks. Yet, its extensive features, engaging drive, impressive capabilities, and numerous other laudable traits, all available for $12,999, position the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800 as an outstandingly versatile contender in its segment. Essentially, the value proposition is akin to procuring two machines for the cost of one.


  • Potent engine paired with an efficient CVT
  • Skillfully tuned suspension
  • Comprehensive instrument panel
  • User-friendly design and adaptability

Areas for Improvement:

  • Pronounced understeer.

Final Thoughts on 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800

Having traversed the myriad features, performance nuances, and design intricacies of the 2011 Polaris Ranger XP 800, one thing becomes clear: it’s not just another utility vehicle. This machine encapsulates versatility, sportiness, and sheer power, setting it apart. Whether on a rugged trail or a farm, its compelling attributes ensure that it remains an unmatched contender in four-wheelers.

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