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The introduction of the Big Ruckus (PS250) by Honda 2005 aimed to please enthusiasts calling for a larger sibling of their 50cc Ruckus. With its impressive Honda Big Ruckus top speed and distinctive design, it was a bold move. However, with its large size and expensive price tag, many found it needed more charm than its smaller counterpart, leading to slow sales and an eventual drop off from Honda’s North American lineup after 2006.

Despite this, those who did purchase the Big Ruckus generally rave about it. Offering different color selections in markets outside the US and Canada, such as Olive Drab Green, there seems to have been a passionate audience for this particular scooter. It was produced from ’04 – ’07 before production ceased altogether; however, it only sold in North America for two years between ’05 -06.

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Honda Big Ruckus General Specs

Honda Big Ruckus General Specs
Honda Big Ruckus General Specs

Honda Big Ruckus Engine

The Big Ruckus features a powertrain similar to Honda’s NSS250 Reflex. This motor is a liquid-cooled engine that provides 19hp, 75mph of top speed, and 65mpg in fuel efficiency. Although it does not have as much power as some dirt or sport bikes, the Big Ruckus’ engine is designed for low-stress operations and promises longevity.

The PS250 accelerates well up to 50mph and steadily to 60mph; its top speed reaches 70-75 mph with the help of a CVT transmission system. Some users have reported having difficulties between 30-40 mph due to aggressive upshifting; however, this issue can be addressed by using popular solutions found online. With such performance capabilities, riders can cruise comfortably on highways and backroads.

Honda Big Ruckus Storage & Convenience

The Big Ruckus has many features that make it stand out from other scooters. The seat can be folded to become a passenger seat or up for added comfort and storage area, while the entire heart can slide forward and backward on rails. In addition to this, there is also a plastic cylinder resembling a black military canister which provides excellent storage options near the back. Moreover, the Big Ruckus has a center stand and kickstand as standard equipment.

However, one downside is that there isn’t any enclosed storage beside the toolbox provided, meaning helmets need to be secured using bungee cords in the ample space behind the seat instead. Nevertheless, these features make it ideal for individuals who want a more open-concept design when riding their scooter around town.

Honda Big Ruckus Discussion

The Honda Big Ruckus is a unique scooter with some great features. It offers 30-40mph acceleration, an adjustable seat, and plenty of storage space for whatever you may need to bring along on your ride. Despite its many advantages, there are a few drawbacks that potential buyers should consider before purchasing.

The Big Ruckus offers virtually no wind protection in its stock form, and extended high-speed riding can be tedious without an aftermarket windscreen. Additionally, the styling of this scooter tends to polarize people into two camps: those who love it and those who don’t – so it’s essential to make sure the look is something you can live with before buying one. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a solid scooter with unique styling, then the Big Ruckus could be just what you need.

Honda Big Ruckus Pros:

  • Distinctive styling that stands out.
  • A uniquely designed seat for added comfort.
  • Offers minimal enclosed storage for essentials.
  • It has a side stand, and a center stand for convenience.

Honda Big Ruckus Cons:

  • Some might need help finding the styling to their taste.
  • There’s a noticeable dead spot in acceleration.
  • Could benefit from enhanced wind protection.

Honda Big Ruckus Key Specs:

  • Engine specifications feature an MF04E 249cc, 2-valve, 4-stroke, SOHC, liquid-cooled single.
  • Power output stands at 19hp at 7000 RPM and torque at 15.2 lbs-ft at 5500 RPM.
  • The compression ratio is 10.5:1 with a bore x stroke measurement of 72.7 x 60.0 mm.
  • The fuel system incorporates a 30mm CV Carb with an auto-enricher.
  • Ignition is fully transistorized for optimal performance.
  • Front suspension boasts a 33mm hydraulic fork with a travel of 3.9 inches (99mm).
  • The rear suspension is designed with a single-side swingarm, complemented by dual hydraulic shocks and seven-position spring-preload adjustability. Its travel is 119 mm or 4.7 inches.
  • Braking efficiency is ensured with a 240mm front disc featuring a 3-piston caliper and a combined braking system. The rear brake is a 160mm drum.
  • The seat height is comfortable at 725mm or 28 inches.
  • Maneuverability is enhanced with a dry weight of 164kg or 362 pounds.
  • Starting is made easy with an electric system.
  • The chassis is constructed from durable steel tubes.
  • Tires are sized at 110/90-12 for the front and 130/70-12 for the rear.
  • The wheelbase measures 1455 mm, ensuring stability.
  • Dimensions are Length – 2085mm, Width – 795mm, and Height – 1090mm.
  • Fuel capacity is ample at 12 liters or 3.20 gallons.
  • The turning radius is a compact 2.3m, facilitating tight turns.


  • 2005: Yellow
  • 2006: Silver

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Honda Big Ruckus Review

Honda Big Ruckus Review
Honda Big Ruckus Review

Origins and Design Inspiration

The inception of the Honda Big Ruckus remains a mystery. One could whimsically imagine Honda’s designers receiving a call from military officials demanding a robust, pipe-made vehicle reminiscent of a truck large enough to pull a tank from a ditch. Or perhaps, the factory ran out of plastic, leaving many steel pipes. Regardless of its origin story, the Big Ruckus, upon first encounter, evokes a particular sentiment: a sense of adventure encapsulated by the lyrics of the iconic song from the 1960s film “Easy Rider.”

A Surprising Comparison

At first, glance, drawing parallels between the Honda Big Ruckus and the grand American Harley Davidson Motorcycles from the movie “Easy Rider” might seem far-fetched. However, the riding experience tells a different story. The Big Ruckus offers a riding position and overall sensation more akin to a sizeable cruising motorcycle than a typical scooter. Its unique design, which some might describe as an acquired taste, exudes a rugged charm. If personified, it’s the scooter that would confidently challenge Chuck Norris.

Performance and Handling

Despite its bold appearance, the Big Ruckus’s performance metrics are modest. With 19 horsepower from its 250cc engine, the brakes are decent but not groundbreaking. The suspension has its quirks, transmitting every road bump through its chassis, and storage space is minimal. Maneuvering through traffic might require adjustments, like shifting forward in the seat. Yet, despite these shortcomings, there’s an undeniable allure to this scooter. The vehicle brings a smile when riding and merely gazing upon it.

Comfort and Features

Comfort is where the Big Ruckus truly shines. Its seating layout is unparalleled, offering a plush seat complemented by a padded backrest. This backrest can conveniently transform into a pillion seat for two-up riding. The footrest design mirrors that of cruiser motorcycles, and the adjustable seat ensures riders find their perfect fit. While the engine might not be the most powerful, it delivers consistent acceleration, suitable for city speeds and highway cruising. However, potential riders should note its naked design, which can mean a wind-battered experience at higher rates.

Additional Features and Final Thoughts

The Big Ruckus might be minimalistic but doesn’t skimp on essential features. The front disc brake and the rear drum handle stopping duties. Its twin front headlights are notably efficient, a part many scooters often overlook. It’s impressive Honda Big Ruckus top speed and distinctive design stand out as a unique offering in the scooter market. The instrument cluster, though slightly cluttered, provides all the necessary information. In summation, while the Big Ruckus might not top the charts in every category, its charm and character are undeniable. It’s a scooter that promises an adventure, urging riders to hit the open road and, metaphorically, “explode into space.”

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