Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus: A Detailed Bike Duel

There’s been much talk and attention in compact bikes on, the Honda Grom and the Honda Ruckus. Both capture attention with light frames, adventurous inclinations, and impressive fuel savings. However, there’s a distinct difference: the Grom leans towards a sporty vibe, whereas the Ruckus takes on a scooter’s persona.

A closer look reveals unique attributes that suit varied preferences and situations. Here’s a comparative analysis highlighting the noteworthy features of each, helping potential buyers make an informed decision.

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Key Specifications: A Quick Glance

  • Price Point
    • Grom: $3,599 (ABS)
    • Ruckus: $2,799
  • Top Achievable Speeds
    • Grom: 56mph
    • Ruckus: 40mph
  • Engine Capacities
    • Grom: 125cc
    • Ruckus: 49cc
  • Miles per Gallon
    • Grom: 134mpg
    • Ruckus: 114mpg
  • Bike Weight
    • Grom: 230 lbs.
    • Ruckus: 194 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight Accommodation
    • Grom: 340 lbs.
    • Ruckus: 220 lbs.

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Delving into the Honda Grom

Delving into the Honda Grom
Delving into the Honda Grom

Having graced the roads for nearly a decade, the Grom’s popularity is unquestionable. It notably clinched the Motorcycle USA’s Motorcycle of the Year Award in 2014.

Why the fascination? Its balanced fuel economy and power stand out, boasting speeds up to 60 mph at ten horsepower and delivering an average of 134 miles on a single gallon. Its design combines scooter and sports bike aesthetics, making it a versatile choice for everyday riders and passionate bikers.

Distinguishing features include:

  • 125 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine: beginner-friendly handling
  • A top speed of 56 mph, potentially surging to 62 mph under ideal circumstances
  • Power of 10 hp at 7,000 pm
  • A 4-speed manual transmission, simplifying the learning curve for newbies
  • Efficient suspension systems, with both front and rear disc brakes

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Exploring the Honda Ruckus

Exploring the Honda Ruckus
Exploring the Honda Ruckus

The Ruckus, a beacon of Honda’s innovative prowess in the scooter domain, is characterized by its robust nature. It showcases larger tires with profound treads and a minimalist, lightweight frame.

This combination renders the Ruckus a cost-effective travel solution suitable for diverse terrains. The joy it offers while driving is just a bonus.

Highlighting its captivating specs:

  • 49 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, commonly not demanding beyond a standard driver’s license
  • A top speed of 40 mph
  • Engine performance of 4.3 hp at 8,000 pm
  • Weighing a mere 194 pounds, it’s easy to manage
  • CVT transmission demanding no manual interference
  • Efficient suspension mechanisms accompanied by front and rear drum brakes

Evaluating Comfort

Rider’s Posture in Ruckus:

Riding the Ruckus, one is immediately embraced by the higher handlebars and a generously spacious foot platform, granting a rather relaxed stance.

Comfort Crown: Ruckus

However, the Grom, with its sports-bike essence, prompts a forward-leaning posture. This offers exhilarating speed and handling, a thrill for many, but could strain during prolonged city commutes.

Contrastingly, the Ruckus offers a plush experience with its low-set seat, elevated handlebars, and roomy foot platform. The lightweight nature further enhances the effortless maneuverability, letting the rider remain at ease even after extended usage.

Aesthetic Appeal

Visuals of the 2020 Grom vs. Ruckus 2020 Model:

Styling is subjective, making it challenging to declare a clear winner.

Stylish Standout: It’s a tie!

The Grom, reminiscent of sporty bikes, radiates an aura of speed, zest, and modernity. On the flip side, the Ruckus stands as the most intriguing scooter to lay eyes upon. Its raw, minimalist look is unmatched in this segment, ensuring heads turn as one cruises by.

Pricing Prospects

Price Tag Considerations:

Although priced lower than the Grom, the Ruckus is relatively cheapest. For the Grom, the price spectrum ranges from $3,399 (yellow/black) to $3,599 (with ABS), with intermediate pricing for other colors. The Ruckus comes in at an MSRP of $2,799.

Best Value: Grom

While the initial investment in the Grom is higher, it’s arguably justified. Boasting a superior engine, faster speeds, and enhanced power, the little extra cost seems reasonable. Additionally, the Grom’s fuel efficiency, in the long run, can translate into savings.

Dashboard Deliberations

Dashboard Features:

The Ruckus opts for simplicity, offering merely a speedometer, odometer, and a low-fuel indicator. With a CVT transmission and limited advanced traits, it only necessitates a little doesn’t. Newbies may feel lost, especially with the absence of a fuel gauge, which makes fuel management imperative.

The Grom, in contrast, boasts a lavish dashboard. It undoubtedly presents comprehensive information with a digital interface showcasing a numeric speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and even time and temperature indicators.

Dashboard Dominator: Grom

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Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus: A Deep Dive

Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus A Deep Dive
Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus A Deep Dive

Thrilling Off-Road Adventures

One cannot help but marvel at the charm of navigating bumpy terrains. And when it comes to doing so, the title goes to the Ruckus. Why, one may ask? Well, equipped with robust tires and an impressively low center of gravity, it promises quite an exhilarating journey. It’s not just about taking a small vehicle off the road; broader tires and deep treads make rough trails seem like a cakewalk. Moreover, the simplicity of its design with that skeletal frame ensures a sense of steadiness.

However, a mention must be made of the Grom. With its advanced suspension mechanism, an upgrade in its tires could make it a formidable contender in off-road escapades.

Handling Mastery

Winner: Ruckus

When one speaks of maneuverability, both the Grom and Ruckus shine. Yet, the Ruckus claims a slight advantage. Its lightweight design, tipping the scales at under 200 pounds, gives it that edge. In contrast, the Grom weighs in at approximately 230 pounds.

The Grom positions its rider more forward, which, while offering enhanced control—a characteristic found in sports bikes—might prove challenging for novices. The Ruckus, however, promises intuitive steering for taller individuals. But let’s not forget: the Grom’s elevated seat design provides leverage on the handlebars, making it a gem for sharp cornering, especially in bustling urban settings.

The Duo Rider Challenge

Winner: Grom

Neither the Ruckus nor the Grom is the epitome of comfort for two riders. Yet, if one had to pick, the Grom, with its extended seating and a maximum weight threshold of 340 pounds, takes the lead against the Ruckus, which maxes out at 220 pounds.

Desiring to accommodate a co-rider on the Ruckus? Upgrades are available. But caution prevails; always ensure compliance with state laws concerning passenger transport.

Economic Fuel Consumption

Winner: Grom

In the battle of miles per gallon, the Grom emerges triumphant, clocking in at an impressive 134 mpg against the Ruckus’s 114 mpg. Remarkable, especially when considering its larger engine and additional weight.

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2022’s Fresh Offerings: Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus

2022's Fresh Offerings Honda Grom & Honda Ruckus
2022’s Fresh Offerings Honda Grom vs Honda Ruckus

Changes have rolled in, and while the Grom has seen a slew of them, the Ruckus has primarily stayed its course, with only minimal tweaks.

  • 2022 Honda Grom: A plethora of enhancements mark the 2022 Grom. With its engine bumped up by one cc and a compression ratio increase, it now boasts a power output of 9.7 hp, pushing its top speed beyond 60 mph. The cherry on top? It manages to do this without compromising its enviable fuel efficiency. Other noteworthy changes include a lighter frame and a newly incorporated removable oil filter.
  • 2022 Honda Ruckus: Throughout its lifespan, significant changes to the Ruckus have been few and far between, signaling its timeless design. The only notable difference in the 2022 model lies in its color options, which are now more varied and stylish.

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In Summary

Both the Honda Grom and the Honda Ruckus stand as commendable small bikes, tailor-made for specific needs. While both are apt for city commutes, their off-road prowess shouldn’t be overlooked. The choice, ultimately, boils down to individual preferences and requirements.

The Grom is the answer for long commutes with its superior fuel capacity. New riders might find solace in the Ruckus with its user-friendly transmission. Short city journeys? The Ruckus, with its relaxed seating, is ideal. Yet, for those tight urban turns, the Grom stands unparalleled. Off-road enthusiasts should lean towards the Ruckus, while those needing to ferry a passenger will find the Grom more accommodating.

Personal aesthetics matter, too. Fancy a sports bike? The Grom awaits. Prefer a scooter vibe? The Ruckus beckons.

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