Honda Msx Off Road Tyres

Stock tires are not the best choice for off-road riding with a Honda Grom. Going off the beaten path reveals their lack of engineering for this type of use. That’s where the Honda Msx Off Road Tyres come into play. To ensure an optimal experience for those looking to explore the more rugged terrain, we have compiled a list of the top brands, including the Honda Msx Off Road Tyres, and size options available for Honda Grom off-road tires.

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What are the benefits of using Grom Knobby Tires?

What are the benefits of using Grom Knobby Tires?
What are the benefits of using Grom Knobby Tires?

Investing in high-quality off-road tires is essential for those exploring the great outdoors on their Honda Grom. Not only do they offer superior grip and durability when compared to stock options, but they also provide enhanced control and maneuverability when tackling uneven terrain. With many available brands and sizes, figuring out which tires are best for your bike can be daunting. To simplify things, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of top-performing off-road tire options for the Honda Grom. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting on your adventure, these tires have you covered with improved traction and increased stability no matter the terrain you encounter.

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The Maxxis M6024 Off-Road Tire for Honda Grom

The Maxxis M6024 Off-Road Tire for Honda Grom
The Maxxis M6024 Off-Road Tire for Honda Grom

One of the top choices among Honda Grom aficionados for off-road tires is indisputably the Maxxis M6024. A mere glance is enough to reveal the tire’s dirt-conquering design. Authentic knobbies are visible all over its surface, making for an aggressive, bold appearance. The rubber knobs that stick out from the surface serve a crucial function; digging into the loose dirt and mud, ensuring a reliable grip on an upcoming trail ride. Although rated J, only suitable for speeds up to 62 miles per hour, firsthand experience attests to the tire’s durability and performance well beyond this limit.

A practical test of the Maxxis M6024 took place during the 2018 Crawl in Townsend, TN, where a Grom sporting a fresh set of these tires tackled the notorious Tail of the Dragon. The bike’s performance, even with off-road tires, did not disappoint. Hours spent navigating the challenging course have resulted in a rather worn Hindle exhaust, freshly installed before the event. Notwithstanding, the common question, “How do those things handle out here?” was answered resoundingly. No chicken strip was spared as the ride pushed the tires to their limit. The M6024’s rubber compound proved tough enough to withstand the most demanding asphalt riding scenarios.

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There are primarily two different tire sizes that riders prefer, often reflecting the factory standards for the Grom:

  • 120/70-12: This is the go-to tire size for the front wheel. Being the factory-installed size, it ensures an ideal fit.
  • 130/70-12: This is the preferred tire size for the rear wheel. Some riders choose to use the 130 size on the front as well.

An important note for those considering a 130 front tire for their Grom: some modifications might be necessary. Owing to the low amount of the Grom’s front fender, the slightly wider 130/70-12 could face clearance issues, especially when mud enters the equation. Options include replacing the factory fender with an aftermarket motard fender, lifting the existing fender with commonly available 5mm extension plates, or simply removing the fender for a raw, unadorned front end.

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The Honda Grom Off-Road Tire with plate number Duro HF903

The Honda Grom Off-Road Tire with plate number Duro HF903
The Honda Grom Off-Road Tire with plate number Duro HF903

Regarding off-road tires for the Honda Grom, the Duro HF903 is an excellent option. With its less aggressive tread pattern and J-rated top speed, it’s more street friendly than some of its competitors but still able to hold its own on trails. Comparable in price to another popular choice, such as the Maxxis M6024, deciding between these depends on how you ride and the terrain you will tackle. Either way, both offer excellent performance when navigating off-road surfaces.


Dunlop has an established presence in the tire market, offering a comprehensive selection of tires for motorcycles and other off-road applications. One of their most popular lines is the D604 series, which has a similar tread pattern to that of Maxxis tires. Currently only available in 120/70-12 size, reviews suggest they offer excellent cornering ability without compromising performance during trail riding. Though not used by everyone, these tires have been met with positive feedback from riders who appreciate their traction and handling capabilities on paved and unpaved surfaces.

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FAQs About Honda Msx Off Road Tyres

Can one fit offroad tires to such a bike?

The most sought-after offroad tires among enthusiasts of this bike model, and the top pick, is the Maxxis M6024. At first glance, one can discern its intention to conquer rugged terrains. They truly resemble knobby designs. The Maxxis M6024 boasts a surface filled with bold, protruding rubber knobs.

Which tires are typically equipped on such a bike?

For this particular bike model, the Wheels and tires specifications are 120/70-12 for the Front and 130/70-12 for the Rear.

How would one describe the rear tire dimensions for this bike?

The rear tire for this bike model comes in a specific size – 130/70-12, while the front is available in 120/70-12.

What are the standard tire dimensions for this specific motorcycle?

This motorcycle model often called the MSX125, utilizes a 120/70/12 tire at the front and a 130/70/12 tire at the rear.

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