How Fast Is A Honda Grom: All Models 2014 – 2023

The 2022 Honda Grom is set to be the fastest model yet, with a top speed of 58.4 mph. This marks an increase of almost five mph from its predecessor, although the precise rate may vary depending on environmental and other variables. Considering the top speeds of the previous models, one might wonder how fast a Honda Grom can go, especially with the upcoming 2023 model.

2023 Honda Grom: A Closer Look at the Changes

2023 Honda Grom A Closer Look at the Changes
2023 Honda Grom A Closer Look at the Changes

According to official documentation, the Honda Grom has a top speed of around 55mph. However, experiences shared by enthusiasts suggest that different model years may be capable of higher rates. Research into this topic indicates that there is still much to learn regarding the exact top speed for various models and which modifications are effective in increasing it. [1] [2]

Year Official Top Speed Highest Claimed Top Speed Highest Claimed Modded Top Speed
2023 59 mph 73 mph NA
2022 59 mph 73 mph NA
2020 54 mph 62 mph NA
2016 56 mph 62 mph 78 mph
2014 55 mph 65 mph 72 mph

The Science of Speed: How the 2022 Honda Grom Gets a Boost

How the 2022 Honda Grom Gets a Boost
How the 2022 Honda Grom Gets a Boost

The Honda Grom has been designed to be faster than its predecessors, with certain modifications enabling this increased speed. The differences include:

  1. Lighter wheels
  2. A new rear sprocket
  3. Five-speed transmission compared to a four-speed on previous models

These changes have made the Honda Grom a more elegant and powerful ride for riders looking to experience maximum performance from their motorcycle.

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Factors That Affect Honda Grom, Top Speed

Factors That Affect Honda Grom, Top Speed
Factors That Affect Honda Grom, Top Speed


The Honda Grom is an aerodynamic motorcycle featuring a 59 mph top speed. However, wind resistance can play a role in decreasing its maximum speed if it is against the rider. On the other hand, strong winds at their back can push them above this rated speed. Some riders use dangerous strategies to reach higher speeds than recommended, such as tucking their body and drafting behind other vehicles. These practices are not encouraged due to the increased risk of accidents, but they may successfully increase the bike’s top speed.


The Honda Grom offers riders top speeds while riding down hills. However, on steep gradients, the maximum speed of this vehicle can be reduced to below fifty miles per hour. This is due to the increased incline limiting the capability of reaching higher rates. As such, riders must monitor their surroundings when operating a Honda Grom and consider any terrain changes impacting their maximum attainable velocity.


The 2022 Honda Grom allows riders to move lower weights at higher speeds. This is possible due to the bike’s 309-pound weight limit, which allows for a light rider or even some added luggage without sacrificing speed.

Riders may also modify their Groms to reduce weight and increase speed. Such modifications involve replacing certain parts with lighter options. However, they must be high quality and legal not to compromise safety when operating the bike.

Mods and Specs

The Grom is an impressive bike, and its top speed can vary depending on several factors. The most obvious is the terrain; if there are hills or windy roads, it will naturally take longer to reach maximum velocity. External elements such as weather conditions and rider weight should also be considered when assessing performance.

However, even without considering outside influences, proper maintenance and upgrading essential parts can significantly impact the speed of your Grom. Fuel injectors, air intake systems, and exhausts can all be replaced with improved after-market parts that boost efficiency. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps ensure that these components remain in optimal condition for top speeds.

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Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Honda Grom

Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Honda Grom
Ways to Increase the Speed of Your Honda Grom

Decrease the total weight

Groms and motorcycles that are lighter in weight can be advantageous for speed. Modifications such as switching from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion ones may help reduce the bike’s overall weight, resulting in improved handling, braking, acceleration, and fuel economy. This affordable solution is for those wanting a faster ride without sacrificing performance.

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Replace the fork oil in your motorcycle

Regular maintenance of a motorbike typically includes replacing the fork oil. However, this may not be enough to increase its speed. Instead, switching out the old fork oil with thinner fluids is advisable to promote faster and springier responses from the rear tires. This will improve the riding experience with quicker acceleration without compromising comfort or performance.

Upgrade The Brakes

The standard Honda Grom components are of decent quality but may not provide the best performance for reaching peak speeds. Professional technicians recommend upgrading the original braking systems to higher-performance aftermarket products as an effective solution. If a brake replacement is beyond your budget, installing a steel hose kit can be a more cost-effective option. Steel braided kits have superior temperature resistance compared to their rubber counterparts and never expand under high temperatures – providing consistent braking control and improved fuel capacity for enhanced speed capabilities.

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Final Thoughts on How Fast Is A Honda Grom

In conclusion, the Honda Grom continues to evolve, pushing the limits of its top speed with each new model year. The 2022 Honda Grom emerged as the fastest model yet, reaching up to 58.4 mph, and anticipation builds as the 2023 Honda Grom promises even more potential. However, it’s essential to remember that several factors, including wind, grade, weight, and modifications, can influence these speeds.

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How fast a Honda Grom can go, especially the upcoming 2023 model, is a question that seems to drive continued innovation and curiosity in motorcycle enthusiasts. Whether through modifications or adapting riding techniques, riders have achieved impressive speeds. However, safety should always remain a top priority when operating these machines, regardless of the high-speed lure. After all, the joy of motorcycling isn’t just about how fast you can go but the entire riding experience.

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FAQs About How Fast Is A Honda Grom: All Models 2014 – 2023

What’s the top speed of a 125cc Grom?

Fuel management is handled by a 24 mm throttle body with fuel injection, achieving an impressive 166 MPG. The latest model boasts a five-speed gearbox, and its maximum speed hovers around 60 MPH, though this can vary based on certain factors.

How can one enhance the speed of a Honda Grom?

One can tweak the low-end torque by opting for a bigger rear sprocket or boost the top-end velocity with a smaller one. It’s essential to note that this doesn’t “add” speed to the Grom but redistributes where the rate manifests.

Would a Grom be suitable for someone new to motorcycling?

Indeed, that was the sentiment expressed! When considering a motorcycle for beginners, is the Honda Grom a wise choice? Absolutely. Honda is renowned for producing dependable bikes, and the Grom serves as an excellent introduction, provided its constraints are acknowledged.

Does a Honda Grom come with a 4-speed transmission?

While the 5-speed engine has limitations due to its head studs’ close spacing, the 4-speed engine from the 1st/2nd generation Honda Grom 125 can be fitted into the 2022+ Honda Grom 125 frame. This is made possible with Chimera Engineering’s mounting kit and necessitates only minor adjustments to the frame, primarily a slight notch for engine space.

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