Kawasaki FX850V Problems: Causes And Solutions

The Kawasaki FX850V, revered for its formidable engine, sleek aesthetics, and agile maneuverability, has been a sensation in the sportbike arena since 1983. While it boasts many commendable features, it’s full of issues. This guide delves into the most prevalent Kawasaki FX850V problems, offering insight to seasoned and new owners.

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Engine Concerns with the Kawasaki FX850V

Engine Concerns with the Kawasaki FX850V
Engine Concerns with the Kawasaki FX850V

A primary concern raised by many revolves around the camshaft chain tensioner’s failure. If overlooked, this malfunction might result in the camshaft chain losing its timing, thereby risking engine damage. Addressing this promptly is crucial, especially considering the tensioner’s affordable replacement cost.

Spark plugs in the FX850V, positioned centrally within the engine, present another challenge. Their hard-to-reach location often leads to negligence, hastening their wear. Regular inspections and timely replacements are essential to prevent this issue.

Kawasaki FX850V Electrical System

Kawasaki FX850V Electrical System
Kawasaki FX850V Electrical System

The bike’s intricate electrical framework is free of trouble. A frequent hiccup is the alternator’s failure, a component vital for battery charging. Its malfunction can render the motorcycle immobile.

Additionally, the starter motor, crucial for initiating the engine, can pose starting issues if it fails, complicating or prohibiting the bike’s ignition.

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Kawasaki FX850V Suspension Issues

The Kawasaki FX850V boasts an adaptive suspension system tailored to ensure a smooth ride across varied terrains. However, its effectiveness diminishes without regular upkeep.

One notable issue is the failure of fork seals to retain fork oil. Their malfunction can compromise handling and overall performance. Similarly, the shock absorbers, essential for cushioning road impacts, might only succeed if maintained, jeopardizing ride comfort and safety.

Kawasaki FX850V Braking System Challenges

Equipped with a potent dual-disc brake system, the FX850V promises impressive braking. However, to sustain this, regular maintenance is key.

Brake pads, which naturally degrade over time, require periodic replacements. Another point of contention is the brake fluid. As it tends to absorb moisture, its efficacy diminishes, necessitating a flush every two years or after 24,000 miles.

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In Conclusion

The Kawasaki FX850V is an exemplary motorcycle, but awareness of potential issues is paramount. Adhering to the maintenance regimen and ensuring the bike’s well-being can ward off many of these problems, providing the FX850V remains a joy to ride for a long time.

Extra Nuggets of Wisdom

To further safeguard your Kawasaki FX850V:

  • Stick to the owner’s manual’s maintenance recommendations, ensuring optimal performance and preempting issues.
  • Periodically scrutinize your bike, spotting early signs of wear.
  • Opt for top-tier parts and lubricants, enhancing your motorcycle’s lifespan.
  • Proper storage, shielded from harsh elements, can prevent undue wear and tear.
  • Should your Kawasaki FX850V show signs of distress, seek a skilled mechanic’s expertise for accurate diagnosis and repair.
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