Kawasaki KX112 Top Speed and Specs

The Kawasaki KX112 is a youth motocross motorcycle that bridges the gap to full-size bikes, providing aspiring riders with an optimized chassis and proportionate power. Sporting a large 112cc two-stroke engine, lightweight handling, and 6-speed transmission, this supermini offers the perfect transition for newcomers to big motorcycles. Notably, the KX112 top speed is designed to inspire confidence without overwhelming novice riders, ensuring a balanced and exciting motocross experience.

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2023 Kawasaki KX112 Top Speed

2023 Kawasaki KX112 Top Speed
2023 Kawasaki KX112 Top Speed

The 2023 Kawasaki KX112 is a powerful and lightweight motorcycle, offering an estimated top speed of 80 mph, 24.96 horsepower, and a curb weight of 169.7 lb *. In addition, it also features a seat height of 34.3 inches for comfortable riding. This combination makes the KX 112 an attractive choice for any enthusiast looking for power and performance in their ride.

Kawasaki KX112 Top Features [11 Fast Facts]

Kawasaki KX112 Top Features [11 Fast Facts]
Kawasaki KX112 Top Features [11 Fast Facts]
  1. The class-leading 112cc engine ensures a powerful and efficient performance.
  2. Superior transmission capabilities are achieved through the solid 6-speed transmission.
  3. An ergonomically designed radiator shroud is incorporated to ensure optimal cooling performance.
  4. A factory-inspired look is provided by stylish components selected explicitly for this motorcycle.
  5. Dunlop mx33 tires provide superior traction on any terrain surface encountered during riding conditions, giving riders ultimate control over their ride experience.
  6. The high-tensile steel perimeter frame offers increased rigidity and improved handling characteristics in all scenarios.
  7. The adjustable 36mm inverted cartridge forks further improve comfort and maneuverability on and off-road.
  8. Disc brakes offer maximum stopping power, with front and rear disc brakes providing reliable braking when required, regardless of weather or terrain conditions.
  9. A 19-inch front wheel combined with a 16-inch rear wheel provides an ideal balance between stability, agility, cornering ability, and overall control while riding.
  10. The ERGO-FIT® sizing system allows riders to easily adjust the handlebar mount into one of six positions to ensure they have the perfect fit tailored just for them.
  11. Team Green™, contingency race rewards, are offered to eligible racers who finish first place at select events, offering a chance for even more recognition from Kawasaki’s Motorsports family.

Kawasaki KX112 Key Specs

The Kawasaki KX112 provides an unbeatable combination of power and agility. This model is available in Lime Green and weighs 169.7 lb with a 112cc 2-Stroke, 1-cylinder engine. It has a fuel tank capacity of 1.32 gal, allowing for extended ride times, and is priced at $5,399. The seat height is 34.3 inches for maximum control during maneuvers, while the 6-speed return shift transmission with wet multi-disc manual clutch allows for smooth shifting between gears to complete the package.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 Key specs as a table:

Feature Details
Color Choices Lime Green
Curb Weight 169.7 lb
Displacement 112cc
Engine 2-Stroke, 1-cylinder
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.32 gal
Price $ 5,399
Seat Height 34.3 inches
Transmission 6-speed, return shift, with wet multi-disc manual clutch

Kawasaki KX112 Engine Details

The Kawasaki KX112 engine offers a range of features for optimal performance, including liquid cooling, low-speed and high-speed compression ratios of 9.9:1 and 8.6:1, respectively, a displacement of 112cc, single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with KIPS exhaust power valve, 28mm Keihin carburetor ignition system with digital advance, bore and stroke measurements of 52.5 x 51.6mm, 6-speed return shift wet multi-disc manual clutch transmission type and chain as the final drive type.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 engine details in a table:

Feature Specification
Cooling Method Liquid-cooled
Compression Ratio Low speed: 9.9:1, High speed: 8.6:1
Displacement 112cc
Engine Type Single-cylinder 2-stroke with KIPS exhaust power valve
Fuel System 28mm Keihin Carburetor
Ignition System CDI with digital advance
Measurement of Bore and Stroke 52.5 x 51.6mm
Transmission Type 6-speed, return shift, wet multi-disc manual clutch
Type of Final Drive Chain

Kawasaki KX112 Tires

Kawasaki KX112 Tires offer superior performance and handling. The front tire is 70/100-19, while the rear tire is 90/100-16 for a balanced ride. Thanks to their robust construction and high grip ratings, these tires are ideal for both offroad racing and street riding.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 tires details in a table:

Feature Specification
Front Tire 70/100-19
Rear Tire 90/100-16

Kawasaki KX112 Brakes

The Kawasaki KX112 features a single 220mm petal disc with a dual-piston caliper as the front brake system and a single 184mm petal disc with a single-piston caliper as the rear brake system. Both methods are designed to offer peak performance for optimal stopping power, ensuring reliable braking in all conditions.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 brakes details in a table:

Feature Specification
Front Brake System Single 220mm petal disc with dual-piston caliper
Rear Brake System Single 184mm petal disc with single-piston caliper

Kawasaki KX112 Suspension

The Kawasaki KX112 Suspension offers an impressive 36mm inverted telescopic cartridge fork with 20-way compression damping and 10.8 inches of travel in front, as well as a Uni-Trak® gas-charged shock with piggyback reservoir, 24-way compression, and 21-way rebound damping, adjustable spring preload, and 10.8 inches of journey in rear. This suspension system provides superior performance on the trails for optimal riding experience.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 suspension details in a table:

Feature Specification
Front Suspension / Wheel Travel 36mm inverted telescopic cartridge fork with 20-way compression damping (10.8 in travel)
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Uni-Trak® gas-charged shock with piggyback reservoir, 24-way compression and 21-way rebound damping, and adjustable spring preload (10.8 in journey)

The dimensions and features of the Kawasaki KX112

The Kawasaki KX112 is a powerful dirt bike boasting a high-tensile steel perimeter design with subframe members for increased durability and performance. It comes in the signature lime green color and has an impressive curb weight of 169.7 lb*. The fuel tank capacity is 1.32 gal, while the ground clearance measures 13 inches, with an overall height of 45.3 inches, length of 75.6 inches, and width of 30.1 inches, respectively. It also features rake/trail measurements of 29°/4.3 in, a 34-inch seat height, and a 51-inch wheelbase for added stability on uneven terrain or rugged surfaces and enhanced maneuverability capabilities during turns or jumps.

Let’s see the Kawasaki KX112 dimensions and features details in a table:

Feature Specification
Chassis Construction High-tensile steel perimeter design with subframe member
Color Options Lime Green
Curb Weight 169.7 lb*
Fuel Tank Size 1.32 gal
Ground Clearance 13.0 in
Overall Height 45.3 in
Overall Length 75.6 in
Overall Width 30.1 in
Rake/Trail 29°/4.3 in
Seat Height 34.3 in
Warranty Information Not Available
Wheelbase 51.6 in
Optional Kawasaki Protection Plus™ Not Available

The Kawasaki KX112 Price

Kawasaki KX112 is equipped with Dunlop MX33 tires and has an initial cost of USD 5,399. It promises to be an excellent choice for riders looking for performance and reliability on the track.

Kawasaki KX112 General Features

Kawasaki KX112 General Features
Kawasaki KX112 General Features

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Radiator Shroud

The new radiator shroud design offers an eye-catching factory-inspired style while providing superior rider control and movement. It is a perfect reflection of both form and function, combining both elements to create a product that meets the demands of any driver.

Keep Moving

Kawasaki KX112 offers an attractive factory racing look, with a minimalistic body frame contributing to its lightweight design. Its flat tank and slim seat are designed to provide maximum rider comfort and movement. This bike is perfect for those looking for that mix of style and performance.

Petal Disc Brakes

The KX™112 is designed with front and rear petal disc brakes, enhancing braking performance in various terrain. The reliable stopping power of the model ensures riders can confidently navigate any track they come across.

Fine-tuned Suspension

This inverted front fork offers superior damping and bottoming resistance, allowing riders to be aggressive on the track while maintaining comfort. The ability to adjust compression damping will enable users to customize their ride settings according to terrain and personal preference. The uni-Trak® rear suspension also provides adjustable compression, spring preload, and rebound damping features for further fine-tuning options.

A Perfect Fit

Designed to be versatile, these radiator shrouds come in all sizes, enabling riders of any height to find the perfect fit when using the bike. Their adjustable features make them an ideal accessory for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Perfect Pairing

Kawasaki’s KX112 6-speed transmission provides a robust yet durable complement to the engine. With reliable gear-shifting capabilities and rugged construction, this transmission is an ideal choice for any vehicle.

Keep Your Cool

The Kawasaki KX112’s radiator shroud design facilitates a more efficient airflow to the radiator, allowing for improved cooling and optimal engine performance.

More Acceleration

This Kawasaki KX112 delivers powerful performance with its class-leading 112cc two-stroke engine, creating superior torque at the low end and impressive peak power. These features make it a must-have choice for any racer looking to gain an advantage in the starting gate and when accelerating out of corners.


ERGO-FIT® adjustable components offer a flexible handlebar mounting system, allowing riders to customize their riding experience by selecting six available handlebar positions. This feature allows for optimal rider comfort and control while on the road.

Stay Grounded

The Dunlop MX33 tires provide exceptional grip, slide control, and bump absorption with increased durability. Featuring larger 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels compared to the Kawasaki KX 85, riders can benefit from a taller overall seat height and higher ground clearance for superior performance in supermini applications.

Push Harder

The Kawasaki KX112 is designed to give riders an optimal experience when on the track. Fitted with a high-tensile steel perimeter frame, it offers strength and torsional rigidity for maximum performance. This construction will enable riders to take advantage of all the power and potential their engine offers.

Black Alumite Layer

This supermini motocross racer features black alumite rims emphasizing its sharp factory racer styling. Its look is completed with the perfect addition of these sleek and robust alloy wheels, giving it an air of power and speed.

Green Alumite Coating

This fork and shock adjuster has a green aluminate finish that conveys a factory-inspired look, signifying the commitment to riding green until the very end.

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The Kawasaki KX112 Review [6 Fast Facts]

The Kawasaki KX112 Review [6 Fast Facts]
The Kawasaki KX112 Review [6 Fast Facts]

The renowned motorcycle manufacturer unveils the 2023 Kawasaki KX112 in a groundbreaking move, solidifying its standing in the supermini sphere. This youth-targeted motorcycle is an efficient bridge for riders transitioning between 85cc and 125cc two-stroke motocross motorcycles. The similarities between the KX112 and its sibling, the KX100, lie in their shared chassis. However, introducing a stroked motor, boosting the displacement by 13cc, sets the KX112 apart.

Several key points can be noted:

  1. A transition wasn’t merely made from a KX100 engine to a KX112 powerplant by stroking. Modifications were executed in pursuit of enhanced torque, represented by a 5.8mm stroke increase and porting alterations favoring torque production. In addition, multiple reliability improvements were incorporated, such as a new transmission, crankshaft, piston, and more oversized water jacket for the cylinder.
  2. The modifications contribute significantly to the KX112’s impressive rideability. The engine’s ability to rev rapidly and powerful low-end performance promotes confident maneuvering over more significant jumps and swift gear changes through the six-speed gearbox.
  3. Those transitioning from an 85 will admire the augmented stability courtesy of the 112’s more giant wheelset. The wheel dimensions, being 19-/17-inch, compared to the 85’s 17-/14-inch combo, facilitate smoother cornering and enhanced stability, particularly when the motorcycle is driven at higher speeds.
  4. Emphasis is laid on the motorcycle’s preparedness for airtime. Its powerplant works harmoniously with the chassis to maintain steadiness when approaching jumps while retaining sufficient agility for airborne adjustments.
  5. Despite the unchanged suspension from the KX85, featuring 10.8 inches of travel at both ends, the KX112 handles challenging scenarios smoothly. The rest does an excellent job, from absorbing shocks on landing after jumps to managing acceleration bumps on corner exits.
  6. The robust motor and stable handling combination marks the 2023 Kawasaki KX112 as a formidable supermini racer. The meticulous enhancements to the engine accompanying the increased displacement ensure inbuilt reliability, making this $5399 motorcycle an appealing prospect for young riders aiming for victory without straining their budgets.

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Final Thoughts on Kawasaki KX112 Top Speed and Specs

This post provides an in-depth overview of the Kawasaki KX112, including its specs, price, and an evaluation of its top speed. Remember the review and images to complete the picture of what this motorcycle brings. All the information is presented in a professional tone to assist readers in making an informed decision. If any questions or concerns remain unanswered after reading this post, readers are encouraged to leave a comment below for further assistance. Particular interest may be around the KX112 top speed, embodying the bike’s blend of power and control.

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