Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Review

The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 2024 model boasts significant efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics enhancements. While some updates are due to the latest emission standards, this motorcycle also incorporates advanced technology and a revamped design.

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2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Specs

2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Specs
Comprehensive specifications of the 2024 Ninja ZX-6R, detailing engine, chassis, and other vital motorcycle components.
Category Specification
Type Inline-4
Displacement 636cc
Bore and Stroke 67.0mm x 45.1mm
Compression Ratio 12.9:1
Peak Torque 52 ft-lbs at 11,500 rpm
Fuel System EFI with four 38mm Mikuni throttle bodies
Transmission 6-speed with quick-shifter (upshift only) and positive Neutral Finder
Final Drive Sealed chain
Front Suspension & Travel Adjustable Showa Big Piston 41mm inverted fork; 4.7 inches
Rear Suspension & Travel Adjustable Showa shock with linkage; 5.9 inches
Tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV
Front Tire Size 120/70 x 17
Rear Tire Size 180/55 x 17
Front Brake 310mm discs with 4-piston Nissin monobloc calipers
Rear Brake 220mm disc with single-piston Nissin caliper
ABS Option Available (+$1000)
Wheelbase 55.1 inches
Rake 24.5 degrees
Trail 4.1 inches
Seat Height 32.7 inches
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 gallons
Weight 426 lbs (With ABS: 430 lbs)
Standard Colors Metallic Flat Spark Black / Ebony, Pearl Robotic White / Metallic Graphite Gray
Special Edition Lime Green / Ebony (KRT Edition)

2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Price

2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Price
The official pricing for the 2024 Ninja ZX-6R provides options for both ABS and non-ABS models.

The price of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R in 2024 is $11,299 MSRP.

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Refreshed Features for 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

Engine Dynamics

Engine Dynamics
Delving into the Ninja ZX-6R’s engine, highlighting its liquid-cooled design, cam profiles, and enhanced emission compliance.

The heart of the Ninja ZX-6R remains its 636cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine, complete with DOHC and a bore/stroke measuring 67.0 x 45.1mm. Kawasaki has fine-tuned the cam profiles to cater to the stringent emission requirements and enhance low-rpm performance. The header pipes now sport a new design to boost the O2 sensor’s feedback and optimize the catalyzer’s volume and load. Additionally, the intake funnel’s modified shape promises improved performance in the low-to-mid rpm range.

Transmission Continuity

Transmission Continuity
A focus on the motorcycle’s 6-speed transmission, optimized for track days and complemented by a slip/assist clutch.

The Ninja ZX-6R continues to feature its cassette-style 6-speed transmission, ideal for swift setups during track days. This is complemented by a slip/assist clutch, ensuring seamless gear transitions.

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Chassis and Suspension Insights

Chassis and Suspension Insights
A deep dive into the motorcycle’s frame and suspension, detailing adjustments and weight considerations.

The motorcycle’s pressed-aluminum perimeter frame and two-piece aluminum sub-frame remain consistent with previous models. The suspension, including the 41mm Showa SFF-BP fork and Uni-Trak shock, offers preload, compression, and rebound damping adjustments. With a seat height of 32.7 inches, the motorcycle’s wet weight stands at 426 lb for non-ABS models and 430 lb for those with ABS.

Brakes and Wheel Upgrades

Brakes and Wheel Upgrades
Exploring the 2024 model’s enhanced braking system and the introduction of Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires.

Kawasaki introduces notable improvements in the braking system and tires of the Ninja ZX-6R. While the braking system comprises dual 310mm front discs and a 220mm rear disc, the 2024 model replaces petal discs with round disc brakes. This change aligns with the signature look of the Ninja motorcycle range. Furthermore, the bike now rides on Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires, ensuring better grip and performance.

Technological Advancements

Technological Advancements
A look at the tech upgrades, from integrated riding modes to an enhanced ABS unit for improved control.

Previously, the Ninja ZX-6R was equipped with features like a quick-shifter, traction control, ABS options, and power modes. The 2024 model sees an upgraded ABS unit for enhanced control. Riders now have integrated riding modes, blending traction control and power mode configurations. These modes include Sport, Road, and Rain, with an additional manual “rider” mode for individual system adjustments.

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Connectivity and Display

Connectivity and Display
Introduction to the new TFT display and smartphone integration, enhancing the rider’s connectivity and experience.

A standout feature for 2024 is the 4.3-inch full-color TFT display, coupled with new smartphone integration capabilities. The Rideology app allows riders to connect their phones to the motorcycle seamlessly. This app provides access to vehicle details, a GPS-enabled riding log, phone alerts, and general configurations.

Aesthetic Overhaul

Aesthetic Overhaul
A visual transformation inspired by the Ninja ZX-10R, showcasing design changes from cowls to windscreen.

Drawing inspiration from the Ninja ZX-10R, the 2024 ZX-6R showcases revamped front and side cowls, compact LED headlights, and a redesigned windscreen. The air intake region now features a painted finish, offering a more streamlined appearance. Moreover, the updated windscreen, shorter in design, incorporates holes to alleviate pressure, minimizing buffeting.

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Color Variants and Pricing

Color Variants and Pricing
Detailed pricing based on color options and ABS availability, including the special KRT Edition pricing.

For those seeking a non-ABS variant, the 2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R is available in Metallic Flat Spark Black / Ebony and Pearl Robotic White / Metallic Graphite Gray, priced at $11,299. An additional $1,000 fetches the ABS model in identical color schemes. Kawasaki also offers the non-ABS KRT Edition and the ABS KRT Edition, priced at $11,299 and $12,299, respectively, in the striking Lime Green / Ebony combination.

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