Short Motorcycle Boots

At the motorcycle clothing store, customers would search for boots that could give them more height on their bikes. These boots often had thicker soles and could increase a rider’s size by an inch or two. This helped provide extra stability when riding high bikes with heavy seats.

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Finding the perfect pair can be challenging for riders looking for good quality and well-designed boots within their budget. To make it easier, we’ve gathered all the best options for short riders so they don’t have to spend hours researching. Additionally, our store offers a wide range of short motorcycle boots that provide the necessary height and stability. They are comfortable and stylish and offer top-notch protection, making them an excellent choice for amateur and professional riders. So, if you’re looking for boots suitable for faster riders, look at our top picks!

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List of Short Motorcycle Boots

Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots

Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots
Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots

These boots boast various features to provide all-day comfort during long rides. Constructed from a premium full-grain leather upper, they are engineered with an ergonomic fit and reinforced ankle supports for extra protection in the event of an accident. The integrated Gore-Tex membrane ensures waterproofness while allowing breathability in hot weather conditions. Advanced shock absorption technology helps reduce fatigue on long rides, ensuring that riders can tackle any terrain safely and comfortably. The Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots, also feature adjustable lacing systems at the ankles and calves for maximum adjustability depending on individual rider preferences.

Forma Adventure Low Boots

Forma Adventure Low Boots
Forma Adventure Low Boots

The Forma Adventure Low Boots offer riders excellent features and value. Boasting a dual-density, thick anti-slip sole, these boots provide the necessary grip and protection for short rides in all weather conditions. With its adjustable ankle support system, riders can enjoy a snug fit that won’t hinder movement during their ride. With such great features at an affordable price point, the Forma Adventure Low Boot is sure to be a popular choice among riders looking for reliable comfort and protection on their adventures.

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Are you looking for the perfect boots for short riders? Check out our top-rated options!

Introducing the Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots

Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots
Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots

Embodying a legacy of perfection, Daytona’s meticulously crafted motorcycle boots are revered for their high-grade materials and components. The Max Sports GTX Boots, a continuation of this relentless pursuit of excellence, present a superb solution for riders of shorter stature. With a sturdy 2.36″ heel, these boots are designed to impart extra height, striking the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Further enhancing their protection capabilities, these boots incorporate an inner sole reinforced with a hot-dip, galvanized steel inlay. The robust nonslip rubber touring sole contributes to heightened grip, ensuring the perfect interplay between the boots and the road surface. This engineering marvel is therefore equipped with a robust defense against any unforeseen circumstances on the road.

Moreover, the boots score high on the waterproofing front, owing to a well-integrated Gore-Tex membrane. Coupled with a reinforced shin guard and ankle protector, these boots maintain top-notch safety standards. But this does not come at the cost of comfort. Breathability is ensured, making them as effortless to wear as they are to put on, with a user-friendly two-zip fastener for speedy access. Despite their premium comfort, they are well-known for their long-lasting quality. These boots may initially seem expensive, but their impressive durability makes them a valuable investment. A testament to their endurance, several Daytona loyalists have been using their shoes for a decade or more, reporting stellar performance and longevity.

Positive attributes:

  • High 2.36″ heel
  • Reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip, galvanized steel inlay
  • Nonslip rubber touring sole for optimal grip
  • Waterproof construction with a Gore-Tex membrane
  • Remarkable comfort
  • Superior durability
  • Easy to put on with a two-zip fastener

Negative aspects:

  • Higher price point

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How durable are those boots from Daytona?

One can often witness those boots from Daytona serving for 10-15 years. They come with a standard 2-year warranty, and the company offers services like re-soling membrane replacement and other repairs for the lifespan of the boots.

What’s the quality of boots from Daytona like?

Those boots, particularly the Daytona Travel Star PRO GTX, are known for their waterproof nature. Even after enduring heavy rainfall during a day’s journey, one’s feet remain dry. Their handcrafted nature in Germany is a testament to their unparalleled quality, evident in their longevity and feel after extensive use.

Why do boots from Daytona carry a hefty price tag?

The brand is committed to delivering boots of unmatched quality rather than focusing on a specific price point. Adept German artisans meticulously handcrafted all their footwear. Instead of producing boots that deteriorate quickly, they craft ones that potentially last two decades.

What’s the recommended care routine for Daytona boots?

After exposure to rain, it’s advised to give them special attention. Wet boots should be filled with newspaper or dried using a stretcher in a room-temperature setting. Regular cleaning, brushing, and application of daytona® Aqua Stop can restore their waterproof nature. Leather should be treated with care products, and zippers should be sprayed with Turbo Grease.

Introducing the Forma Adventure Low Boots

Forma Adventure Low Boots
Forma Adventure Low Boots

Venturing into footwear tailored for short riders, one might stumble upon a pair of innovative, stylish boots. Presented in either a standard or low style, this article zeroes in on the typical style, offering an accessible alternative for those struggling with a taller counterpart. Having the needs of short riders at heart, these low-style boots eradicate any potential difficulties, seamlessly integrating into their biking lifestyle.

Built to last, these boots represent the epitome of resilience, boasting myriad protective features such as TPU inserts and reinforcements. However, the dual-density, anti-slip sole truly sets them apart, providing an essential combination of added height and stability. A substantial sole is not only a practical choice but also a strategic one, prioritizing the needs and comfort of shorter riders.

Yet, the thoughtfulness in design continues beyond there. Inside, ample space awaits to accommodate a comfortable insole, an addition that can significantly enhance the overall fit. Coupled with adjustable velcro closure and buckles, customization becomes effortless. Equipped with a waterproof Drytex lining, memory foam for comfort, and an antibacterial footbed, these boots offer an unmatched value-for-money proposition.


  • Exceptional value for money
  • Double-density, anti-slip sole for added height and stability
  • Waterproof features to protect from the elements
  • Steel shank midsole for enhanced durability
  • Ankle protection to safeguard against potential hazards
  • Numerous comfort features for a more enjoyable riding experience


  • Tendency to be somewhat rigid
  • Not ideally suited for riding in warmer weather conditions

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Is water penetration an issue for Forma boots?

With CE-level protection and European craftsmanship, these boots are ideal for extended journeys and occasional off-road adventures. They come with a 12-month warranty and feature the Drytex® waterproof technology.

Do Forma boots fit as per standard US sizes?

Generally, Forma boots align with typical US sizes. However, due to brand variations, especially in US sizing, one might occasionally need to opt for a size larger.

What’s the average weight of a Forma boot?

Each boot weighs around 3.2lb on average. They are crafted for paved and unpaved road touring, though their off-road protective features are somewhat limited.

How effective are Forma Adventure boots?

They boast impressive protection, achieving the higher a2 rating in all three tested areas under the CE rating program. Suitable for diverse big bike adventures, they ensure warmth, dryness, and safety.

Introducing the Daytona M-Star GTX Boots

Daytona M-Star GTX Boots
Daytona M-Star GTX Boots

Sporting a striking elevation, these boots stand tall with an impressive 2.5″ insole. This additional height not only exudes a commanding aura but also ensures that firm control of the bike is maintained at all times. As these boots reach higher, they metaphorically stretch the realms of traditional bike boot design, leaving an indelible mark in the sphere of innovative footwear.

Mirroring the features of their shorter counterpart, the Max Sport Boots, these boots include the coveted Gore-Tex membrane. A significant addition that bolsters waterproofing capabilities, ensuring feet remain dry no matter what the weather. Reinforcements, meticulously placed in all critical areas, elevate the durability of the boots while the steel inlay fitted in the inner sole works to provide unmatchable strength.

These boots are embellished with a nonslip touring sole, exemplifying the synergy between functionality and comfort. This robust feature provides a crucial grip when feet touch the ground. In addition to enhancing the height, the contoured insole works wonders in ensuring comfort, making these boots a great companion both on and off the bike.


  • Elevated stance with a 2.5″ raised insole
  • Robust build with the strengthened and contoured inner sole
  • Superior grip with nonslip outer sole
  • Gore-Tex membrane ensures waterproof features
  • Supreme comfort for both on and off-the-bike rides
  • Unrivaled durability
  • An excellent alternative for those who prefer tall boots over the shorter Max Sports


  • Higher price points, which might not be in the affordable range for everyone

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What are the size specifications for the Daytona M Star GTX boots?

The size chart follows: EU 38 corresponds to UK 5, EU 39 to UK 6, EU 40 to UK 6.5, and EU 41 to UK 7.

Is investing in Daytona boots a wise decision?

While it’s not customary to assess products based on price, it’s evident that these boots are premium. Yet, their exceptional craftsmanship, comfort, and repairability justify their value.

Why do Daytona boots come with a premium price?

The brand’s focus is on unparalleled quality rather than a set price. Skilled German professionals handcraft each pair. Instead of producing short-lived boots, they craft ones that could serve for two decades.

What’s the longevity of boots from Daytona?

It’s typical for these boots to last between 10-15 years. They come with a 2-year warranty, and the company offers various repair and replacement services for the duration of ownership.

Introducing the SIDI Vertigo 2 Boots

SIDI Vertigo 2 Boots
SIDI Vertigo 2 Boots

In the world of sports-style footwear, the standout choice has emerged: the SIDI Vertigo 2 Boots. Striking the right balance between practicality and design, these boots showcase a thinner sole than their counterparts yet retain an edge of superiority with a greater thickness than the typical sports boot. A remarkable feature of this footwear is the dual-compound sole, an innovative component that offers the highest level of grip one could seek.

Naturally, sports bikes are known for their elevated stature, a feature that can be challenging for shorter riders. This issue can prevent achieving a flat-footed stance on most sports bikes, even after modifications. This is where the Vertigo 2 boots shine: their superior grip enhances rider confidence, even in the face of such obstacles, securing their position in this list.

The Vertigo 2 boots excel not just in functionality but in customization as well. A simple adjustment to the calf feature allows for maximum comfort and compatibility with leathers, irrespective of whether they are worn inside or over the boots. When it comes to protection, these boots are commendable. Inclusive of an ankle support brace, slide mechanism, shin-deflector plate, shock-absorbing heel cup, and a padded Achilles area, these boots have left no stone unturned. The attention to detail is also evident in the double-stitching in high-stress areas and a removable comfort arch pad. Furthermore, the arch pad can be substituted with a height-increasing inner sole for an extra boost.


  • Superior quality construction
  • High level of protection
  • Excellent grip with the dual-compound sole
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Provision for a height-increasing insole


  • Sizes tend to run small

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How do Sidi boots compare to standard sizes?

It’s worth noting that Sidi footwear tends to have a narrower fit. It’s often advised to choose a size larger than one’s regular shoe size. A size guide can assist in determining the appropriate Sidi size.

Are the Sidi Vertigo boots resistant to water?

The Technomicro material used is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. This material is also durable against tears and abrasions, ensuring the boots retain their appearance for longer.

What kind of warranty does Sidi offer for its boots?

Sidi provides a warranty policy wherein its footwear is guaranteed against defects in materials or artistry for one year from the purchase date for the original buyer. Any defective product will be repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion.

Why is it crucial to wear protective footwear while riding?

It’s highly recommended to wear closed footwear or boots during bike rides for protection against potential injuries. Such footwear safeguards the ankles from twists and impacts. In unfortunate crash scenarios, these boots considerably reduce the risk of bone fractures.

Introducing the TCX Drifter WP Boots

TCX Drifter WP Boots
TCX Drifter WP Boots

Exemplifying a rugged aesthetic, the TCX Drifter boots promise an adventurous escapade with their robust construction. Thick soles not only ensure durability but also cater to personal comfort adjustments, thanks to the provision of additional insoles. The many customizable options vouch for an individualized, comfortable fit, making these boots a favorable companion for thrill-seekers.

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Considering the protection element, the TCX Drifter WP boots demonstrate exceptional grip on varying terrains. Explicitly designed for adventure seekers, these boots offer excellent shielding attributes, safeguarding crucial areas effectively. The waterproof lining further enhances the boot’s overall functionality, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience during wet conditions.

Despite the robust, full-sized design, the Drifter boots boast an adjustable and generous calf area, offering an inclusive fit for different user profiles. However, the boots’ bulkiness may only cater to some motorcycle types, posing a potential challenge for those with smaller, narrower controls and footpegs. Therefore, carefully considering the motorcycle’s design elements is crucial before opting for these robust boots.

Proven Merits:

  • Exceptional grip on various terrains.
  • Durable, thick soles with room for additional insoles.
  • Comprehensive protective design.
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit with a broad calf area.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • The bulky design may only be compatible with some motorcycle types.

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Where are TCX boots manufactured?

The brand originates from Montebelluna, Italy, and all its offerings are produced in factories owned by the company across Europe.

Do TCX boots offer protection against water?

The combat-inspired Hero Waterproof half boots are entirely water-resistant, thanks to the T-DRY membrane. This makes them suitable for year-round wear. These boots also prioritize riding comfort, walking ease, and protection, reinforced at the ankle, toe, and heel areas.

How should one care for TCX motorcycle boots?

After each use, removing dirt, mud, and grease using a soft brush or damp cloth is advised. For stubborn stains, a wet sponge and neutral soap can be effective. It’s crucial to avoid solvents, harsh chemicals, and stiff brushes as they can permanently damage the leather and plastic components.

Are Forma boots designed to be waterproof?

With CE-level protection and European craftsmanship, these boots are perfect for extended rides and occasional off-road ventures. They come with a 12-month warranty and are equipped with the Drytex® waterproof technology.

Introducing the Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots

Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots
Daytona Lady Star GTX Boots

In the universe of motorcycling gear, a striking similarity is observed between the Daytona M-Stars and another variant, with a significant distinction of being designed exclusively for female riders. Adopting the same 2.5″ height-increasing insole, this variant embraces the concept of maximum grip, reflected in the nonslip outer sole. Mirroring the critical traits of their counterparts, these boots focus on extending the perfect fit and comfort for female riders.

Cleverly crafted, these boots defy the conventional high-heeled designs targeted at height boost, paving the way for a more refined and practical approach. Integrating a height-enhancing insole does not compromise the aesthetics, and the pair retains the look and feel of traditional riding boots. This ingenious blend of style and functionality meets the expectations of riders seeking a substantial height boost without the stark visibility of a high heel.

Delineating the pros, one cannot overlook the benefits of a 2.5″ height-increasing insole. This, coupled with the strengthened and contoured inner sole, amplifies the comfort, making it a worthy choice for riders. It’s nonslip outer sole fosters an element of safety, especially under unpredictable riding conditions. Waterproofing is another commendable feature, enhancing the durability of these boots. However, the slightly steep pricing could be perceived as a disadvantage.

  • Height-increasing insole.
  • It strengthened the inner sole.
  • Contoured fit.
  • Nonslip outer sole.
  • Waterproof.
  • Comfortable for extended use.
  • Exceptionally durable.

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Do Daytona boots offer value for their price?

While evaluating products based on cost is uncommon, these boots undeniably belong to the premium category. However, their superior craftsmanship, unmatched comfort, and repairability make them worth the investment.

What justifies the high cost of Daytona boots?

The brand prioritizes unmatched quality over a specific price point. Adept German artisans meticulously craft each pair. Rather than producing boots with a limited lifespan, they design ones that could serve for two decades.

How long can one expect Daytona boots to serve?

Typically, these boots can last anywhere between 10-15 years. They come with a standard 2-year warranty, and the company offers a range of repair and replacement services throughout the ownership period.

How do Daytona boots generally fit?

As a general guideline, opting for a boot size one size larger than one’s regular shoe size is often recommended.

Buyer Guide to Short Motorcycle Boots

Acquiring a pair of motorcycle boots doesn’t have to be complicated. Nevertheless, if you require boots that make you appear taller, there are only a few characteristics you should consider.

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The ideal boot should feature a thick sole for increased height while providing excellent traction. Adventure/touring boots typically offer more padding and protection, whereas sports boots are lighter with thinner soles, although they provide superior grip. Another option is to fit an insole that adds extra height; however, the boot must have enough room to accommodate the insole before making a purchase decision.

Plenty of Grips

Maintaining a secure footing can be difficult for shorter ones, so investing in boots that provide good traction is essential. Motorcycle boots that have grip-enhancing soles will keep you firmly planted on the road and ensure you maintain balance when stopping or making turns.

Daytona has several options for motorcycle boots with nonslip soles that provide optimal traction. When searching for quality motorcycle boots, consider opting for ones with grippy soles to give you improved control of your bike and an increased level of security while riding.

Protection and Comfort

It is essential to keep in mind the protection and comfort of riding boots when selecting them. One should consider the following questions:

  1. Are the components durable?
  2. Is there adequate protective armor in necessary areas?
  3. Will they protect your foot and ankle if the bike is dropped?
  4. Is it suitable for your style of riding?

Shorter riders may find that tall boots don’t suit them as they come up too high on their leg, making it difficult to do them properly with their calf muscles being strained excessively. Additionally, adventure boots can cause discomfort by rubbing behind the knee when a rider adopts an appropriate position for riding their bike; thus, opting for shorter boots with as many protective features found on tall ones would be preferable in such cases.

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Final Thoughts on Short Motorcycle Boots

Riders looking to add extra height should consider the Daytona Max Sports GTX Boots. These motorcycle riding boots are stylish, durable, and designed to boost stature while maintaining a comfortable fit. With their sleek look and reliable construction, these boots will make any rider stand confidently taller.

The Forma Adventure Low Boots are also an excellent choice for riders who don’t want to break the bank. Despite being stiff and stuffy, these boots remain well-built and can provide much-needed support on long rides. Our short motorcycle boots offer excellent durability, height, and comfort for riders who prefer shorter boots without a hefty price tag. They are a perfect choice for those who prioritize functionality without compromising style.

All in all, they offer fantastic value for money without sacrificing quality or style.

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