Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil?

Harley Davidson is a legendary name in the motorcycle industry, renowned for its quality products that customers around the globe have appreciated. One such product is Harley Davidson oil, which is essential for running any engine smoothly. However, while one might assume this oil will be manufactured and supplied directly by Harley Davidson, this is different. A common question arises: “Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil?

The manufacturer behind Harley Davidson oils is SUNOCO. This company operates independently from Harley but has been producing oils for them for many years. It is known to provide some of the best quality motor oils available. With more than 7000 gas stations across the US alone, SUNOCO provides synthetic and semi-synthetic, and mineral-based motor oils for motorcycles and other automobiles.

This article will discuss why these high-performance Harley Davidson oils can benefit your vehicle’s performance and look into their different types and origins. So stay tuned if you want to ensure that your motorcycle always remains in its top condition!

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Who Makes Harley-Davidson Motor Oil?

Who Makes Harley-Davidson Motor Oil
Who Makes Harley-Davidson Motor Oil

SUNOCO is a well-known motor oil manufacturer specializing in Harley Davidson Motor Oil. With its headquarters in the USA and its primary production plants in Dallas, Texas, SUNOCO also sources its oil from Canada and Saudi Arabia to meet demand. SUNOCO has established many additional refineries throughout the United States to facilitate this need further, including Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio, and Oklahoma. This allows them to maintain US quality standards while providing efficient customer service worldwide.

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A little more on SUNOCO:

A little more on SUNOCO
A little more on SUNOCO

SUNOCO is a globally renowned brand for motor oil production. Established in 1886, it was created by three top oil merchants – Philip Pisano, Joseph N. Pew, and Edward O. Emerson as a partnership company. Initially, they supplied oil and gas to other companies and petrol pumps before expanding into manufacturing their own brands of oils, including Harley Davidson motorcycle oils.

Today SUNOCO has grown to include more than 7000 gas stations across the US that supply different types of motor oils, with Harley Davidson being one of their most popular choices amongst actual users thanks to its superior quality products.

The following are some critical facts about SUNOCO:

  • One of the oldest motor oil manufacturers worldwide
  • Established in 1886 in Delaware
  • More than 7000 gas stations across the US
  • Manufacturing multiple oil brands, including Harley Davidson motorcycle oils

Market Types Of Harley Davidson Oil

Market Types Of Harley Davidson Oil
Market Types Of Harley Davidson Oil

SUNOCO is a leading manufacturer of oil for automobile engines, with users praising synthetic oil’s efficiency. It has been proven to significantly increase an engine’s longevity and performance capabilities. It also produces pure mineral and semi-synthetic oils under its Harley Davidson brand.

Mineral oils:

Harley Davidson’s mineral oil is derived from crude oil. Crafted explicitly for various motorcycles, this lubricant is known to be particularly effective in maintaining the condition of antique models. It is also highly adaptive to Harley Twin Cam and Milwaukee 8 engines, helping to protect them against friction while promoting longevity.

Synthetic oils:

SUNOCO offers the highest-quality lubricants for Harley Davidson, specifically synthetic oil. This oil is more expensive than crude or semi-synthetic oils, but its performance will easily outshine those alternatives. Synthetic oil boasts superior adaptability and efficiency in motorcycle use, making it an ideal choice for long-distance rides with Harley touring bikes. The smooth ride and reliable engine performance this type of oil provides make it a popular option among users.

Semi-synthetic oil:

Semi-synthetic Harley Davidson oil offers a great compromise between price and performance. Combining mineral crude oil with a select few synthetic ingredients, SUNOCO has created an option cheaper than fully synthetic oils while offering excellent performance.

This type of lubricant can benefit motorcycle owners looking to get the best performance without paying the higher costs associated with fully synthetic oils. With semi-synthetic Harley Davidson oil, you can still enjoy top-notch protection for your engine at more economical prices.

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Are Harley Davidson oils of good quality?

Are Harley Davidson oils of good quality
Are Harley Davidson oils of good quality

Harley Davidson is widely recognized as a top-tier provider of motorcycle oils. Feedback from customers and industry experts was considered to assess the quality of Harley oil. Through this research, it became evident that Harley oil has multiple advantages in motorcycles.

Enhanced heat resistance suitable for use in all weather conditions:

Harley synthetic and semi-synthetic oil is designed to minimize the viscosity at high temperatures, reducing heat in the engine. This makes it an ideal choice for long-distance motorcycle riding. Further benefits include reliable performance in cold weather and saving time and money from changing oils seasonally.

Improved heat control performance:

Harley oil from SUNOCO is designed to help control excessive heat in Harley engines, especially the latest Milwaukee Eight engine, which tends to overheat due to oil sumping issues. The synthetic and non-synthetic lubricant helps keep the engine running smoothly by controlling overheating, which can lead to engine failure during long rides. This feature makes it an ideal choice for ensuring improved efficiency of the engine as well as fuel savings.

Long-lasting lifespan:

Harley Davidson oil is known for its longevity compared to other synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run. This makes it an attractive option as its lifespan surpasses many of its counterparts. Many users attest to this fact, claiming they can save money by choosing Harley Davidson oil over other options.

This product shields the chain and gears from corrosion and friction

SUNOCO’s synthetic oil offers an impressive anti-corrosive element, protecting gears and chains from pollution. Bringing thinner synthetic oil into the equation decreases friction between metal parts; in turn, this increases the lifespan of motorcycle engine components and requires less servicing and maintenance – providing monetary savings.

What type of oil should I use in my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Harley is committed to delivering the best performance possible in their motorcycles, which is why they only use top-quality oil and lubricants. The company utilizes H-D 360 synthetic oil with a 20W50 rating for optimal performance. This thinner formula reduces friction while providing excellent heat-resistance properties, making it perfect for Harley touring bikes and Twin Cam 103 engines.

Who Makes Oil For Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

Who Makes Oil For Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Who Makes Oil For Harley Davidson Motorcycles

The company’s brand is an excellent choice regarding oil and lubricants for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. However, other companies make excellent oils too. Here are some of them:

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Final Thoughts on Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil

In answer to “Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil?”, SUNOCO manufactures and owns a wide range of Harley Davidson oils. Their products include crude, synthetic, and semi-synthetic oil and lubricants designed to provide increased performance with great adaptability and broad applications. Amsoil, Sella Rotella, or Castrol may also be considered for Harley Davidson motorcycles; however, an oil and lubricant with a 20W50 rating is ideal.

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