Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Specs, Review

The Yamaha YZ250 is not just any motorcycle; it’s a blend of pure performance and full-throttle adrenaline packed into a lightweight, reliable two-stroke machine. Recognized as one of the top 2-stroke motocross motorcycles, Yamaha has unveiled its updated version for 2023. This beast is powered by a single-cylinder, 249cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke, reed-valve inducted engine paired with a constant-mesh 5-speed gearbox. Not to mention, the YZ250 top speed is a testament to its major mechanical upgrades. Starting at $7,899, this motorcycle is available in the iconic Team Yamaha blue color.

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Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Price, and Specs

Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Price, and Specs
Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Price, and Specs

Yamaha YZ250 Key Specs

This motorcycle features a one-cylinder, two-stroke engine of 249cc displacement. It has a five-speed, constant mesh transmission and generates 49 hp. The seat height measures 38.2 inches, the curb weight is 227 lb, and the fuel tank capacity is 1.8 gal. Yamaha YZ250 comes at an attractive price of $7,799.

Feature Specification
Cost $7,799
Engine Type Single-Cylinder, 2-stroke
Engine Size 249cc
Gear System 5-Speed, continuous mesh
Horsepower 49 hp
Height of the Seat 38.2 inches
Vehicle Weight 227 lb
Fuel Storage 1.8 gallons

Yamaha YZ250 Features: An Overview

  • Exhilarating Two-Stroke Power: The thrill of a 249cc liquid-cooled engine is undeniable. This reed-valve-inducted two-stroke machine stands out for its lightweight and compact design. The powerband is impressively broad and packs a punch.
  • Yamaha Power Valve System: The patented YPVS™ is a marvel, blending a crisp acceleration from the get-go with a robust mid-range and top-end performance.
  • Advanced Carburetion: The 38mm Hitachi Astemo® Keihin PWK38S carburetor, equipped with a power jet and throttle position sensor, ensures an impeccable mix of fuel and air. The result? A throttle response that’s sharp and precise.
  • Race-Inspired Intake: The carbon fiber reed-valve petals, specially designed, enhance engine performance and throttle response throughout the rpm spectrum.
  • Close-Ratio Transmission: Gear changes, even in challenging conditions, are a breeze with the smooth five-speed, close-ratio transmission. The heavy-duty, multi-plate clutch adds to the confidence.
  • High-Capacity Cooling: An expansive radiator boasting a ten-row core and a revamped louver design guarantees optimal cooling efficiency.
  • Precision Ignition: The digital CDI system ensures a precise spark, leading to a quicker and more robust response across the rev range.
  • Enhanced Braking System: The revamped lightweight braking system stands out. Braking power is exceptional, with larger front pistons, a sturdier caliper, and a redesigned front rotor. The rear rotor redesign maintains performance while reducing weight, striking a perfect balance.
  • Industry-Leading Suspension: The adjustable KYB® 48mm forks, featuring the Speed-Sensitive System, offer impeccable handling and bump absorption. The 11.8 inches of suspension travel is a testament to its capability.
  • State-of-the-Art Shock Absorption: The KYB® shock, fully adjustable and coated with reduced-friction Kashima Coat™, offers 12.4 inches of travel. With separate adjusters and a complete lock oil rebound system, comfort and rear wheel control are unparalleled.
  • Sleek Aluminum Framework: The advanced aluminum frame and swingarm design ensure the YZ250 boasts the best handling.
  • Featherweight Subframe: The detachable aluminum rear subframe, crafted from square-section tubing, emphasizes weight reduction.
  • Competition-Ready Tires: The premium Dunlop® Geomax MX33 tires are designed for performance, catering to diverse terrains. Check on Amazon.
  • Sturdy Rims: The 21-inch front and 19-inch rear Excel® rims offer exceptional durability and enhance suspension performance and handling.

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Yamaha YZ250 Standard Features

  • A 249cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine stands out with its reed-valve induction.
  • The transmission boasts a constant-mesh 5-speed design, complementing a multi-plate wet clutch.
  • With a seat height of 38.2 inches, riders are positioned comfortably.
  • Ground clearance measures an impressive 14.2 inches.
  • The wet weight is a manageable 227 lb, ensuring agility.
  • Both front and rear suspensions are fully adjustable, allowing for a tailored riding experience.
  • The lightweight braking system features larger front pistons and rigid calipers for enhanced stopping power.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are at the front and rear, ensuring consistent braking performance.
  • The 21-inch front Excel rim wheel and 19-inch rear Excel rim wheel provide a balanced ride.
  • Premium Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires are fitted, known for their durability and grip.
  • The engine is a two-stroke, single-cylinder design.
  • The Yamaha power valve system enhances the engine’s performance.
  • Cooling is efficient, thanks to a high-capacity radiator with a 10-row core.
  • Carbon fiber reed-valve petals contribute to the engine’s responsiveness.
  • Fueling is managed by a 38mm Hitachi Astemo® Keihin PWK38S carburetor.
  • The carburetor features a power jet and throttle position sensor for precise fuel delivery.
  • The transmission is a smooth 5-speed constant-mesh design.
  • A heavy-duty multi-plate clutch ensures reliable power transfer.
  • The frame is crafted from advanced aluminum, providing strength without excess weight.
  • The rear subframe, made of aluminum, is removable for easy maintenance.
  • KYB speed-sensitive inverted front forks handle the front suspension.
  • At the rear, a KYB single shock absorber with a Kashima coat ensures a smooth ride.
  • The handlebar clamp offers two-position adjustability.
  • Riders can also adjust the clutch lever to their preference.

Yamaha YZ250 Other Features

The Yamaha YZ250 offers an impressive top speed of 75 mph, boasting 49 hp and an estimated 74 mpg. It has a seat height of 38.2 inches and a wet weight of 227 lbs., making it an ideal choice for off-road biking enthusiasts.

Yamaha YZ250 Specifications Details
Maximum Speed Approximately 75 mph
Engine Power 49 hp
Fuel Efficiency Around 74 mpg
Height of the Seat 38.2 inches
Vehicle Weight (Wet) 227 lb

Yamaha YZ250 Price

MSRP* for the Yamaha YZ250 starts at $7,899*, with a Destination Charge of $450 and a Freight Surcharge of $275. There is an additional Destination Charge of $430 and a Freight Surcharge of $250.

Yamaha YZ250 Specs

The Yamaha YZ250 is a testament to superior engineering and design in motocross bikes. With its meticulously crafted specifications, it promises not only performance but also reliability and durability. From its powerful engine to its precision-tuned suspension, every detail of the YZ250 is optimized for the ultimate riding experience. Whether the advanced braking system or the carefully chosen tire dimensions, riders can expect unparalleled excellence on every terrain. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the Yamaha YZ250’s key specifications.

Yamaha YZ250 Specifications Details
Type 249cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
Bore x Stroke 66.4mm × 72.0mm
Compression Ratio 8.9~10.6:1
Fuel Delivery Keihin® PWK38S
Ignition CDI
Transmission Constant-mesh 5-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Chain
Front KYB® Speed-Sensitive System inverted fork; fully adjustable, 11.8-in travel
Rear KYB® single shock; fully adjustable, 12.4-in travel
Front Hydraulic disc, 270mm
Rear Hydraulic disc, 245mm
Front 80/100-21 Dunlop® MX52
Rear 110/90-19 Dunlop® MX52
L x W x H 85.7 in x 32.6 in x 51.4 in
Seat Height 38.2 in
Wheelbase 58.3 in
Rake (Caster Angle) 27.7°
Trail 4.8 in
Maximum Ground Clearance 14.2 in
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal
Wet Weight 227 lb

Yamaha YZ250 Review

Yamaha YZ250 Review
Yamaha YZ250 Review

Yamaha’s 2023 Outlook and the Revamped YZ250

2023 promises to be a landmark year for Yamaha. The brand’s professional Supercross and motocross race team is gearing up to make a significant impact, boasting multiple No. 1 plates and being backed by some of the most formidable talents in the pits. Amidst the palpable excitement for the upcoming race season, another major revelation is the introduction of new two-stroke models. After a considerable hiatus, significant updates are being rolled out for the YZ125 and YZ250.

A brief history reveals that since 1974, Yamaha has consistently introduced new two-stroke motocross bikes, catering to the dedicated YZ125 and YZ250 enthusiasts. Over this 48-model-year span, the YZ250 has clinched victories in AMA Motocross, with notable champions including Gary Jones (‘ 72), Bob Hannah (‘ 78-79), and Rick Johnson (‘ 84). The success story continues in Supercross, thanks to the prowess of riders like Pierre Karsmakers (‘ 74), Bob Hannah (‘ 77-79), Mike Bell (‘ 80), Jeremy McGrath (‘ 98-00), and Chad Reed (‘ 04).

Although four-stroke machines have become prominent in elite racing circuits, Yamaha’s two-strokes have maintained their allure. The YZ250, in particular, has attracted a diverse range of riders. Recognizing this, Yamaha unveiled the off-road-specific YZ250X in 2016. With its competitive pricing, streamlined design, and unique maintenance attributes, the YZ250 remains a practical choice and a thrilling ride. Robust sales figures and a passionate consumer base ensure these machines retain their iconic status.

Diving into the 2023 Yamaha YZ250 Upgrades

  • Bodywork: The 2023 YZ250 showcases a revamped look. New additions include a redesigned seat, front and rear fenders, front number plate, radiator shrouds and louvers, side panels, airbox, subframe, and fuel tank. Simplified assembly is evident with fewer 10mm trim bolts, and an 8mm T-handle facilitates easy removal of most plastics. A repositioned single-seat bolt is another noticeable change.
  • Suspension: The KYB Speed Sensitive System (SSS) fork has undergone updates, now sharing structural elements and spring length with the four-stroke variants. There’s enhanced damping force at low-to-mid speeds and a stiffer spring rate of 4.4 Nm. While the fully adjustable KYB shock with its 18mm shaft remains, it now features new internal settings and a stiffer 50 Nm spring rate.
  • Brakes: The braking system of the YZ250 has received substantial upgrades. The front boasts a larger piston size, increased caliper rigidity, enhanced brake pads, and a disc with an expanded surface area. The rear introduces a lighter caliper and hanger paired with a 240mm disc. Both discs have been optimized for heat absorption.
  • Tires/Drive: Weight reductions are evident in the chain and rear sprocket. The bike now sports Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, replacing the previous Geomax MX52.

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Final Thoughts on Yamaha YZ250 Top Speed, Specs, Review

In discussing the 2023 Yamaha YZ250’s performance, one might wonder about its actual ride quality. The answer? Surprisingly impressive! The suspension, braking, and ergonomics enhancements become evident immediately upon riding. Even with subtle modifications, the 2023 YZ250 exudes a contemporary feel.

While the engine modifications focus primarily on the improved airflow tract, the bike maintains its approachable nature, ensuring a sense of familiarity many riders value. All the known power-enhancing techniques from previous YZ250 models still apply. This is good news for last-model owners and aftermarket companies such as Moto Tassinari, Boyesen, Pro Circuit, and FMF.

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Choosing between 450cc four-stroke bikes and 250cc two-stroke ones can be daunting for novices in the riding world. Yet, the YZ250 stands out as a formidable choice. This model promotes the honing of advanced riding techniques and emphasizes the importance of precise timing. And while YZ250 top speed is impressive, it remains more manageable and less intimidating than some of its 450cc four-stroke peers.

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